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Fern Leaves

Let's give it a Lupine Twist

Story Teller

Voice Over Artist


Much like the Lupine Lady in Barbara Cooney's "Miss Rumphius,"

my aim is to leave this world more beautiful ...

but this time, through bouquets of sound.

That's the twist - to give courage, beauty, & joy.

*This website is under construction - more details coming soon!

Fern Leaves


I grew up in a handful of unique corners of the world, using the accents of the natives to get by socially. Who would have known that these childhood conversations would lead to a lasting love for the English language in all of its enjoyable, audible forms?


As a voice over artist and natural-born storyteller, I've often been cast in narration roles because stories are so precious to me.


Stories connect us, grow our senses, and expand the horizons of our perspectives, allowing us to live vicariously through the captivating thoughts of others. "So let me tell you a story ..."

Fern Leaves
Fern Leaves


Every character has their own flavor, and I offer unbiased narration as well as emotionally-suggestive narration, depending on the author's writing tone and wishes,

of course ;)

News Anchor

Unbiased Narration


Narration with Feeling

Main Character

Female / thoughts & speech

Fern Leaves
Fern Leaves


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